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Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport

Serving the northeastern Tohoku region of Japan, Sendai Airport processed 3.24 million travelers in 2014 . In addition to a 3000-meter-long runway used primarily for passenger flights, the airport has an 1200-meter-long runway for general aviation. The passenger terminal is conveniently linked directly to rail.

Although Sendai Airport has been administered since opening by the Japanese government, Tokyu Corporation led the Tokyu-Maeda-Toyotsu Group in acquiring the administrative rights in September 2015 in a privatization process expected to be completed in June 2016. As the first instance of an airport being privatized in Japan, progress is being watched as a bellwether of future trends in airport administration.

Shaken by the Tohoku earthquake of 2011 that registered a magnitude of 9.0, Sendai Airport also suffered flooding damage from the resulting tsunami. Thanks to earthquake preparedness measures that had been implemented, the basic functioning of the runways and other facilities were maintained, so that helicopter arrivals and departures were possible two days later and supply transportation by large aircraft was possible the day after that. The airport was therefore able to play an important role as a transportation base for rescue and assistance activities.

JAC was involved in the earthquake preparedness measures put in place and was proud of their effectiveness. In the airport rehabilitation and recovery work following the destruction of the earthquake and tsunami, JAC built on lessons from past earthquakes to assist in the creation of a speedy-recovery plan and improving the disaster resilience of the airport.

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