Message from the President

Always in the pursuit of cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to bringing you the type of service that you expect. Shinji Matsumae, President

Established in 1970, JAC is the only comprehensive consulting firm in Japan dedicated to aerospace and airports. Involved with many airport construction projects locally in Japan as well as internationally, we take pride in our status as a leading company in the field of airport consultation.

Due to the extended economic downturn that followed the collapse of the asset price bubble economy in the early 1990s and the imbalance caused by an aging population without an adequate younger generation for support, social infrastructure investment has fallen in Japan, but a voracious appetite remains for investment in airports, which contribute to cross-border development, a critical foundation of economic activity. The responsibility for public projects has been passed off from the government to the private sector, and the provision of low-cost, high-quality services has given way to competition in the marketplace.

Regardless of these operating conditions, however, JAC remains steadfast in its commitment to service, a value we have held since 1970. We are proud to be a part of the aeronautics and airport industry and of the public benefits that our field plays. By continuing to pursue our business goals in a positive direction, we hope to discover new ways in which we can contribute to society. Our commitment to society lies not only in our management team but throughout our corporate structure. We always strive to push our technological and engineering abilities even further, work with our employees toward improving individual capacity, and aim to ever improve customer satisfaction to beat the competition.

The aerospace and airport industry is constantly evolving, and we at JAC work hard to meet client expectations with the best service possible.

Shinji Matsumae

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